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Until It’s Zero is a project sponsored by Hopkins Feminists. It is a space devoted to giving survivors of sexual violence an outlet until such time as the incidence of sexual assault and rape truly is zero.

Although this blog is focused on the JHU community, sexual assault is a widespread problem and every survivor deserves a voice. While we will publish all accounts, we strongly encourage survivors from outside JHU to consider submitting their stories to less specialized locations, such as the We're Telling blog, which is dedicated to sharing accounts of sexual assault and rape from everyone, everywhere.

NOTE: Comments and posts may be triggering.

Resources for Survivors:

RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network):

General Site:

Phone Hotline:

Online Hotline

TurnAround (Baltimore, MD)

- offers services for survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence

General Site:

Phone Hotline:

The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA)

- contains information and resources for survivors, friends of survivors, professionals, and the general public

General Site:

Resources for Survivors

Rape Crisis and Recovery Centers by MD County

JHU Specific:

JHU’s Sexual Assault Response Unit (SARU):

JHU Counseling Center:
19 June 11

Account #27

When I was 14 I was raped by a group of boys.

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11 June 11

Account #26

i was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend, another student here. no one would ever think it was him, he’s quite nice unassuming, all my friends were jealous of how well he treated me—

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8 June 11

Account #25

The other night, I ran into my friend’s rapist at a party. I didn’t realize it was him, even when I overheard one of his friends mentioning that “some bitch” was pressing charges against him. It was only when I happened to see a very distinctive item that my friend mentioned in her report that everything clicked. This isn’t a story of an assault, but perhaps a near-miss. I’d honestly found him charming and attractive, to the point where I was considering trying to pick him up. Instead I went home, too weirded out and disgusted to fake being sociable. 

3 May 11
27 April 11

Account #23

Sorry if this is long, I felt like I needed to explain how I ended up being in his room.

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25 April 11

Account #22

I was not raped and I have not raped anyone.  But I have a story.
I am a gay genderqueer man and a feminist.  I have mood disorders including anxiety attacks.  I know several of my friends to be survivors of sexual assault.

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24 April 11
18 April 11

ravyn’s account

(Note: This account is from outside the JHU community. While we would like this blog to focus on the JHU community, we still feel that it is important to give all survivors a voice and we thank this survivor for having the strength to share their story.

Thus, while this account will not be included in our ‘count’ of stories, we still feel it is important to share.)

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13 April 11
12 April 11

Account #19

I was 11 years old.  I was in CTY.

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